Top 10 Reasons to Become a Cadette

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Cadette
(A list for Parents)

10. Provides a positive place for adolescent girls. Adolescents go through significant physiological, intellectual, emotional, and social changes. They constantly compare themselves to others, and their peer group is extremely important. They are caught between the demands of their parents and teachers and the expectations of their friends. A positive peer group such as Girl Scouts can help!

9. Fosters positive self esteem Girl Scouts helps each girl learn about and express her talents and skills. Each girl is accepted as she is-strengths and weaknesses-and is helped to set realistic goals.

8. Offers positive women role models. Cadette Girl Scouts have opportunities to work with many women in different careers and see first hand all the choices they have.

7. Encourages diversity and pluralism Girl Scouts is an organization dedicated to diversity and pluralism. Girls are taught to respect different attitudes and faiths, as well as value their own cultural identity and beliefs.

6. Gives girls opportunities to contribute to society Providing service is always one of the foundations of Girl Scouting.

5. Provides a safe place to discuss sensitive issues Girl Scouts offers discussions and activities related to issues of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, teen suicide and diversity.

4. Offers girls a chance to work on activities that interest them personally. Cadettes work on "interest projects" and have many more choices than they did as juniors to hand pick those activities which excite them.

3. Leadership opportunities: Cadette Girl Scouts are able to take leadership roles by being program aides for younger scouts, leaders-in-training, counselors-in-training, and eventually, as senior scouts, troop assistants.

2. Wider Opportunities: Cadette Girl Scouts have opportunities to travel to other states and countries as part of what Girl Scouts call "Wider Ops". The skills they gain and the friends they make will last a lifetime.

1. Troop activities are a fun (and safe) way to spend time with friends!

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