Reasons To Become a Flight Attendant

Rreasons To Become a Flight Attendant:
by Miyuki

Good reasons:

1. You get to travel alot while getting paid of course.

2. Learn different cultures and customs as you meet different people.

3. Learn to deal and interact with people of all races, backgrounds, customs.

4. Learn first aid.

5. It's a good way to get into a company like Super-Puper Airlines, then move to a more professional position later.

I know you ask for only the good reasons but I thought you should also get to know the other side as being a cabin crew is not all about play and getting to travel for free. The comfort, safety and health of the passengers are in your hand up in 35,000 feet.

Bad reasons:

1. You will never get rich and if you are young, I suggest you take up another career, make more money, and you still get to travel and see places, but you won't have to serve people ... and you get to go where you want to go, not where the airline goes.

2. Got to be on your feet all the time.

3. Demanding and unreasonable passengers at times.

4. Inconsiderate and bitchy colleagues.

5. Have to take safety test annually.

6. Risk of cancer and premature skin aging as exposure to UV rays are higher.

7. Cleaning up the smelly toilets.

P.S. Was flying with Singapore Airlines for 7 years...

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